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If your child is participating in the AR program at school almost any book you have at home can be used   with teacher permission for testing. To determine the book’s level go to www.arbookfind.com.  Select Parent and then enter the book’s name in the Quick Search. The book should come up. Review   the book level and ask the teacher if you can use the book. We hope this PTA paid for service is helpful and increases your child’s ability to read and comprehend. 




The GATE magnet curriculum offered at Golden is based on the California State Content Standards. Our comprehensive GATE program challenges all students with rigorous content that facilitates fluidity between between grade levels. Curriculum differentiation may include curriculum compacting, enrichment, tiered assignments, project menus, and subject acceleration. Golden GATE students are encouraged to develop habits of mind that lead to becoming critical thinkers, collaborators, innovators, leaders, and global citizens.


Depth and complexity is applied throughout the curriculum.

Language Arts
Novel studies serve as the basis for our reading program. Differentiation is presented through Literature Circles, Golden Eagle University (GEU), Book Club, and student selected literary works. Emphasis is placed on literary analysis.

Writing is taught and expected across the curriculum and focuses on grade-specific domains. Written Expression and Step Up to Writing are adapted to meet the needs of GATE students.

Our program is based on the district math placement pathway and may provide the opportunity for acceleration. Problem solving and critical thinking are integral in the mathematical process.

Our program is based on grade lev
el texts and materials with a forward focus on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Experiences with the scientific process are offered through hands-on labs that promote conceptual understanding.

Outdoor Science Education for 6th graders is made available by parent support.

Social Science
Our program is based on grade level standards-based texts and enrichment materials. Simulations, projects, and Document Based Questions (DBQ) challenge students to analyze history. Enrichment experiences are facilitated during the year through programs such as the Walk Through programs and mock trials.

Golden is “technology rich”. Students practice and apply technology skills in a variety of ways. Classrooms and pod areas are equipped with computers with internet access. Promethean boards and “Smart” classroom technology enhance learning experiences. The library and two computer labs are equipped to support student research. Digital communication and collaboration are key elements across the curriculum.

Other Program Offerings
As a California Gold Ribbon School, Golden offers a variety of opportunities to ALL Golden students. A plethora of fee-based after school programs have included but are not limited to the following: Chess Club, Martial Arts, Yo
ung Rembrandts, and Mad Science . In addition, through the joint efforts of PYLUSD and Golden PTA, students are offered Meet the Masters, art docent, school-wide drama/musical performances, instrumental music, enriching assemblies, Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL), Student Council, and more.

At Golden, each GATE grade level incorporates a STEM learning project in the curriculum. Fourth grade teaches robotics using the Lego Mindstorms kits. Fifth grade focuses on force and motion with toothpick bridge design and construction and paper roller coaster construction. The STEM focus in sixth grade is Digital Multimedia featuring the production of student-created documentary videos.