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If your child is participating in the AR program at school almost any book you have at home can be used   with teacher permission for testing. To determine the book’s level go to www.arbookfind.com.  Select Parent and then enter the book’s name in the Quick Search. The book should come up. Review   the book level and ask the teacher if you can use the book. We hope this PTA paid for service is helpful and increases your child’s ability to read and comprehend. 



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PTA Volunteer Opportunities

Make a big difference by getting involved in the many enriching programs at Golden for the 2016-2017 school year.

Assist Carnival chairperson with ticket sales, set up, planning, etc.

Assist chairperson with planning and running our main fundraiser held in November. (i.e. set up, recordkeeping, prizes, t-shirts, etc.)

Help organize materials for this important art program 2-3 times a year. Additionally, your teacher may need you to attend short art project training
following 2-3 assemblies and help students complete class art projects.

Work with school personnel for student to student mentoring.

Assist chairperson with organizing and running our activities, programs and Family Nights.

Help run the Reading Incentive Program.

Help organize and run our new recycling program.

Assist with supervision, costumes, program, props, etc. for ourspring theatre production. (Adult volunteers are required for all participating students.)

Flexible, during the day and would be willing when needed. You will be contacted re: volunteer opportunities via email.

For parents whose work or childcare duties make it difficult to
volunteer at school but who would like to help with our activities by doing something
at home.
: 6th grade parents to help organize and volunteer to support Outdoor Education and the end of the year activities.


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