Closed Campus

As a reminder, Golden Elementary is a closed campus. What this means is that Golden Elementary campus will be closed to unauthorized adults before and after school. No one will be permitted on campus without first checking into the office and wearing a visible visitor badge or sticker. We take pride in our many parent volunteers and want to continue fostering this ongoing home/school relationship and community involvement. If you have a scheduled meeting with the teacher before or after school or you are volunteering in the classroom, please check in through the office. We cannot do this great work without you!

Please drop off all students through the valet line at the front of the school. The side gate near Kinder, on Cartlan, and the back gates on Mignon Way and Heloise Way are for families who walk to school or park and walk their children to the gates. PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE GATES AS A DROP OFF LOCATION. It creates an unsafe environment for our students and our community. Those of you who use these gates know that we have had many problems with unsafe practices for several years. There has been talk with our local law enforcement with closing these gates due to the congestion and unsafe driving practices seen over the years in these neighborhoods, However, as a school of this size, we understand the importance of these gates to families who use them. Our side and back gates will be closing at the 7:45 warning bell to ensure students and teachers have an opportunity to walk to class safely by the 7:50 bell. Our front gate will remain open until 7:50. As long as a student is through the front main gate by 7:50 they will not be considered late to school.

Kindergarten students will enter and exit at the Kinder Gate for both the Early Bird and Late Bird session.

As parents wait outside the main gates while dropping off or picking up their students, please allow room near the gates so that students can easily enter and exit the campus. Parents are welcome to wait in the Golden Park located in front of our MPR.

Our students’ safety and well-being is and will continue to be a top priority to the Golden staff. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.