AR Program

What is AR (Accelerated Reader)?

Accelerated Reader is a research-based computerized program that assesses student’s reading on the basis of comprehension. Each student receives a reading level (range) in order to determine which books are appropriate reading materials for their ability. To determine this level, students take a computerized assessment that increases and/or decreases in complexity depending on the individual’s ability. Once the reading level is determined, students can begin reading from a designated list of titles. Upon completion of reading a book, students are to take a computerized comprehension quiz at school.

To accurately test a student’s comprehension of literature, the quiz should be taken within 24-48 hours of reading the book.

How do I find AR books?

In the AR Bookfinder, you can search for titles, book levels, and other information for books in your child’s reading range.

AR Bookfinder Link

Can I keep track of my student’s progress?

Yes. Sign up on the Home Connect website using the button below. Teachers will give you your student’s number (user name) and password. Each time your student completes a quiz, you will be sent an automated email with their score. You can see a history of all quizzes they have taken, how they are doing to meet their goal, etc.

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