Golden Elementary Faculty & Staff (2022-23)

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Principal Kristin McDonald 33001 [email protected]
Assistant Principal Stephanie Dempsey 33033 [email protected]
Secretary Tina McKean 33002 [email protected]
Clerk II Lorely Meza 33032 [email protected]

Preppy K
Jennifer Milam 33501 [email protected]
Kristin Long 33019 [email protected]
Kindergarten Brenda Dimopoulos 33301 [email protected]
Cara Johnson 33302 [email protected]
1st Grade Amanda Cerda 33503 [email protected]
Kandice Ames 33502 [email protected]
1st/2nd Grade Joleen Jones 336060 [email protected]
2nd Grade Kim Goodwin 33702 [email protected]
Debbie Ventura 33703 [email protected]
3rd Grade Tiffany Vasquez 33605 [email protected]
Sandy Jung 33603 [email protected]
Scott Villanueva 33604 [email protected]
K - 2nd SDC Melissa Moores 33601 [email protected]
4th Grade Laurel Ayer 33701 [email protected]
Ann Rago 33901 [email protected]
4th Grade GATE Lisa Fraser 33902 [email protected]
Terri Hanna 33903 [email protected]
5th Grade Tara Bloomquist 33932 [email protected]
Jenner Rasic 33904 [email protected],org
4th/5th Grade GATE Michelle Woinarowicz 33906 [email protected]
5th Grade GATE Joy Rasic 33907 [email protected]
  Joan Fiala 33905 [email protected]
6th Grade Christine Pizzo-Spina 33722 [email protected]
Gloria Johnson 33724 [email protected]
6th Grade GATE Kristi Cooan 33725 [email protected]
Angela Pinson 33904 [email protected]
Geri McBride 33723 [email protected]
3rd - 5th SDC Huong Chang 33602 [email protected]
PE Carlos Ayala 33723 [email protected]
RSP Saede Lussier 33403 [email protected]
ELD   33704  
Speech Susan Worrell 33442 [email protected]
Psychologist Leah Benci-Woodward 33016 [email protected]